Dreams Concerning your Spirituality

The following will help you identify dreams which concern your spirituality, spiritual advancement or spiritual gifts. Further examples are given on the course.


As is true with most dreams the location is often the easiest way to determine the subject matter. So look out for dreams set in the following locations.

  • Church, Mosque, Synagogue, etc.. This is possibly the most common symbol representing your your spiritual ideals.
  • Beach. This represents your approach to spirituality or life (including spirituality).
  • Rivers, canals and lakes represent the flow of spirituality in your life.
  • A road running alongside a river or canal represents your spiritual path.
  • A high rise building or a dream taking place on a high level concerns your spirituality.
  • Check-point, customs post, border, examination hall, interview room, school, college, university. These symbols indicate dreams which show what you need to develop in yourself to pass into the next stage of your spiritual evolution.
  • Jeweler’s shop or dreams about buried treasure, gold silver, etc.. These symbols represent your spiritual gifts.

Rebirthing Dreams

Dreams concerning themselves with your birth often refer to your spiritual gifts and life purpose. Rebirthing dreams will be covered later.

Your guides will have your gifts or potential. For example, if your guide appears as a psychic, counselor, medium, spiritual leader or healer then these are your gifts.

Healing yourself or others

You use your own gifts in your dreams to heal yourself and others. Some examples are;

  • Talking to a hostile mob indicates leadership.
  • Counseling someone at a candle-lit table indicates awareness or psychic counseling.
  • Working in a post office (middle-man for messages) indicates channeling / mediumship.

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