Sample Dreams with Interpretations

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Here you will find several dreams along with their interpretations to complement the rest of the tutorial.

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Digestive & Elimination System

The Digestive and Elimination SystemBreakfast
Dead Rat
The Monster
The Shadow
Animal Attack (Snake)

The Circulatory System

The Circulatory SystemCar Melting Car Melting
Cleaning the Boiler
House on Fire
Misplace My Car
Driving the Pushbike

The Reproductive System

The Reproductive SystemNew Bedroom Car Melting
Teeth Crumbling Car Melting
Losing Teeth
Rust in the Photocopier


Child Eaten by Monsters

  Spiritual Gifts  


Silver Dollars
Afraid after seeing spirit while awake
Talking with Robert Bly

Absent Healing

I can fly



The Shadow

Inspired Writing

Talking with Robert Bly


Hands on Healing

The Fish





Ex Partner

Philosophy of Life

Haircut Car Melting
Boyfriend Dying
Wrong Road
Won't Live Past 50
Mother's Death
The Judge
The Fake Ocean


Career / Guidance

Back in School
Working on Terminals


Animals attack
The map


Animals Attack

The Dreams

Is there anyway you can help us interpret these symbols in a dream:

  1. A lion in an old neighborhood in which I once lived, it was attacking me.
  2. A tiger in an unknown location, also attacking me.
  3. I was wrestling an alligator in a swamp, with loved ones looking on but not helping.


Animals in dreams have to do with the dreamers animal expression. The location of the animal is usually more significant than the animal itself. The lion in the old neighborhood associates the location with a negative effect on the dreamer's animal expression. Because I have not heard the whole dream I cannot guess what animal aspect is being affected. What we can say is

  1. A lion is a symbol of pride (pun on a pride of lions) so it is likely that the dreamers pride (pride being a negative thing) is preventing him/her from expressing his/her true animal feelings about whatever the subject matter of the dream is. This is creating conflict within the dreamer (animal attacking her). This sense of pride was picked up (or reinforced) when he/she lived in the particular neighborhood shown in the dream. The simple message is really 'Don't let pride get in the way of ... OR another way, Don't be hard on yourself because of pride.
  2. Tiger. Again this is to do with the animal nature of the dreamer with the location being the most important. Since I have not been told the location I will go with what is left. The colors of the tiger are black (fear) and orange (ambition) and white (perfection / confidence). The combination black and orange usually feature in dreams about the dreamer's career. It indicates that the dreamer is driving themselves hard in their career because of a sense of ambition (orange) which is based on fear (black). This usually points to the dreamer's father putting pressure on the dreamer (as a child) to achieve in life. The white is a positive color and is a request to the dreamer to have more confidence in themselves when it comes to their career.
  3. The alligator is a symbol of aggression (from the teeth) and is usually an indication that the dreamer is not assertive enough. Because of the dreamers timid nature she would rely on others to fight her corner and can feel helpless when they don't. He/she needs to realize that this is not their problem but hers. The onus is on the dreamer to develop her assertiveness (animal aggression) through developing confidence and dealing with the negative influence she has picked up from the onlookers in the dream. The location in this dream (the swamp) indicates that the dreamer also has a problem in the colon. Again, in this case the dreamer most likely has had negative influence from dad in childhood. Look for this in these and other dreams.

I hope this is useful to you but bear in mind that it is not correct to try interpret symbols in a dream out of context. This is exactly what I have just done so please rework the meaning in with the rest of the dreams.


The Map

The Dream

A rather large map appeared with appropriate colors, highways, bodies of water and titles. I was unable to read the titles as the map ( about 4' X 6' large) was up side down and while attempting to understand it all faded away.


We use maps to help us locate where we are so we can determine how to get where we need to go. So in your dream the map is telling you to accept where you are. The colors and the rest of the dream would give the details of what it is you are being asked to accept. Once you accept who and where you are you can then advance yourself in whatever direction you need to go. Currently you've got things upside down.

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