Numbers In Dreams

Numbers in dreams have the same meaning as they do in numerology. A number in a dream may also indicate that particular age in the dreamer's life. For example, a dream of three women arguing can indicate that the dreamer witnessed arguments with her mother at the age 3. Use this list as a reference.


A male number indicating a request to develop ones individuality / creativity or indicating that the dreamer is selfish with respect to the subject matter of the dream.


A female number indicating balance, sharing, give and take, two way communication. The number two is important for channels (mediums) and as such they will often have dreams which are littered with the number two (eg. weddings, twins, 2 of anything, etc.). Dreaming of the the number 2 is not enough in itself to indicate that the dreamer is a channel but it is a good indicator.


This number always has to do with commitment and as such it should be placed in the I Need column. It stands for mind, body and spirit and is a request to commit yourself, mind body and spirit, to improving yourself in the direction indicated in the dream. The number 3 will often appear in dreams about the heart as people who have closed off their heart to others often lack commitment. A triangle or pyramid also indicate commitment and request the dreamer to meditate on the subject matter of the dream.


This number indicates limitation. For example, catching the number 4 bus would indicate the dreamer is limiting their life journey through their actions / thoughts. A box or square also indicate limitation.


Another male number indicating sensuality, the five senses, Karma (literally learning your lessons through the five senses).


Another female number, 6 indicates Dharma, Christ Consciousness, Grace, love, forgiveness, compassion. It indicates a request to go beyond the five senses and Karma and develop compassion etc. within yourself.


This number always indicates Spiritual Enlightenment. Our Spiritual Center is our 7th Chakra. For example, a dream where you catch the number 37 bus to Church is a request to commit (number 3) yourself to developing your Spiritual side (number 7 and church). Paying $47 for something indicates that the dreamer is limiting (number 4) their Spiritual nature (number 7) by not putting enough energy (paying for something) into developing it.


This number 8 is a perfectly balance symbol (imagine it on its side ) and indicates expansion through balance (infinity symbol = expansion). It also features in dreams about the circulatory system (8 is two circles).


This number is not very common in dreams and indicates that the dreamer is Spiritually advanced. It is a request that the dreamer follow their life purpose because within this lifetime they can finish with learning the lessons of the Earth. These people would find themselves naturally drawn to learning about Spiritual matters.


This is the perfect symbol with no beginning or end. It indicates God / ideals. For example, 70 would indicate Spiritual ideals.


Having used up all the individual numbers 10 indicates completion.


This number indicates the dreamer is judgmental. There are twelve people on a jury.


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