Karma & Dharma

The choice between karma and dharma is seen so many times in dreams that I created this page as a reference to explain what it means.

About Karma

Before we are born we have two choices as to how we will live our lives. Karma or Dharma. Most people would be familiar with the word karma to some extent. Think of it like a bank balance. Certain things you do in your life may restrict the development of others and adds to your karmic debt. Other things you do help others and takes away from your karmic debt. So, at any moment in time, your karma is simply the balance you have when all your positive deeds and negative deeds are put together. So your karma could be positive, in which case life will be easy for you, or negative, in which case you could face difficulties from time to time in you life.

Why would anyone choose karma as a way of life? The answer is because it is an easy way to get through life. All the major events in your life are going to happen to you rather than you choose to experience them. In this way you can learn lots about yourself based on how you react to and cope with the experiences of life. Essentially by choosing karma you are forcing yourself to learn about yourself and hopefully advance in the process. Time is what makes karma work. Time does not exist in the Spirit sense and you instantly feel the effects of your own actions towards yourself and others. Karma allows there to be a time delay between your actions and the feeling of the effect. The intention is that within this period of time, due to advances you make in your own understanding, you have opportunities to subtract from your karmic debt and so incur either positive effects or less negative ones. To help further, karma can span lifetimes. Due to this karma is the most chosen path in life. From a human perspective it is not the easiest but from a spiritual perspective it is a blessing. To view karma as negative is ignorant.

About Dharma

Dharma is also known as a state of grace by the Church or Christ Consciousness in New Age literature. On this path you choose your avenues in life because you are consciously aware of what is best from your soul's perspective. The choices made are not always logical or understandable by those on the karmic path. Both paths will ultimately lead to the same place but Dharma is by far the quickest. It is not chosen as much by souls entering the planet because it requires a compassionate heart and a strong spiritual connection. Through work on balancing your male and female energies you can switch to dharma but it can still seem confusing at times. Trust in your guides and the flow of life is essential.

Karma and Dharma in Dreams

In dreams karma and dharma are usually shown as a choice. Karma is a male (not to be confused with man's) approach to life and is represented by the number 5 (learning about yourself through the 5 senses). A classic image of karma in a dream is somebody looking into a black mirror. In a symbolic sense this represents negativity reflecting back onto itself. Dharma is a female approach to life and is represented in dreams by the number 6 (having gone beyond the 5 senses). Dreams about short journeys with illogical connections also indicate dharma.

Look for choices between karma and dharma. Common techniques are choices between getting the number 5 or number 6 bus to go home. Taking the right-hand turn at a Y-junction or T-junction on a road chooses karma - the left turn chooses dharma. A rocky or steep path upwards also indicates karma. Dreams will always encourage you to develop your female side through expression of the heart so that you can switch to a dharmic path and so return 'home' more quickly.


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