The Respiratory System

The respiratory system is likely to show up in dreams of smokers, people with asthma or other respiratory problems. As a subject matter it is not very common in dreams.

A related problem I saw in a dream was when a friend of mine repeatedly dreamt of trying to remove something from the jaws of a dog but the dog would not let go of it. He even used large sticks as levers to help prize the object free. In his case he had quit smoking and was chewing smokers gum constantly. The dream was telling him to stop chewing the gum.



The following symbols indicate the respiratory system for the reasons given.

Large cavities A large space which symbolically represents the lungs.
Cupboards Again indicative of the lungs.
tea chest, etc. especially if described as being at chest level The pun on chest indicates the dreamer's chest.
Overcrowded rooms It is difficult to breathe in an overcrowded room. This indicates a breathing difficulty that the dreamer has.
Walking on rim of volcano Indicative of the lung of a smoker or somebody who works in a smoke filled environment such as a pub.
Air vents, Expelair system, vacuum cleaner, etc. These symbols are self-explanatory. The vacuum cleaner hose would indicate the bronchial tubes while the body of the cleaner indicates the lungs.

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