The Reproductive System

The reproductive system appears in dreams under many guises. The most common symbols I encounter are the bedroom and mirrors. Like any other subject matter of a dream you will usually find more than one symbol to reinforce the subject matter. In both Europe and Australia I have come across people who dreamt of a photocopier in the bedroom! As bizarre as this first seems, the symbols are self explanatory. The bedroom is easily accepted as a symbol for reproduction while the photocopier is a reproductive system itself. The dream will then relate other symbols to the reproductive system. A phone with a problem could indicate poor communication in the relationship when it comes to issues of sex.

A woman holding up young boys black briefs in the bedroom would indicate that she picked up a negative attitude (black clothing) towards her gender (boys briefs) at the time of her birth (indicated in a dream by holding up an object and inspecting it) because at least one of her parents was disappointed with her gender. Her parents may already have a girl and may have been hoping for a boy. They are also likely to have gotten over their initial disappointment in a few minutes and then be relieved that their new young daughter is healthy. Not so easy for the young child. She will shun the part of herself that her parent found fault with and in later life may develop a problem (psychological or physical) in this area unless something is done to correct the imbalance.


Red is the color for the reproductive system. It is the color of the base chakra and also of passion. A dreamer may dream of seeing his fiancÚ in a wedding dress with a thin red border. This would indicate that their passion (in the relationship) is border line. Again the dream would also indicate where this problem comes from and what needs to be done about it.


The following symbols indicate the reproductive system for the reasons given.

Bedroom An obvious symbol for the reproductive system.
Mirror, photocopier, camera These devices are reproductive systems themselves. The photocopier and camera are for obvious reasons. The mirror reproduces an image of whoever is looking into it.
Unclean vessel This symbol is not as obvious as the previous ones. It indicates a dreamer who does not respect their reproductive system. Often the cause is that the dreamer is conditioned to regard sex as dirty at a young age. Therefore the parts of their body which distinguish their gender are regarded as unclean or dirty. Typical examples would be dirty bottles, dirty bath tub, a barrel of unclean water, etc..
Garden trees, harvest field A garden tree (especially in the front garden) is indicative of the family tree. As a symbol it may often appear along with flowers. A harvest field is indicative of a reproductive cycle.
Animals / rabbits (especially with young) Reproduction is part of our animal nature. Rabbits in particular are often associated with reproduction.
Oven Ingredients are carefully blended / mixed and placed in the oven. With deliberate care and attention the mixture matures and is transformed into a creation in its own right. We also have the expression that someone who is pregnant has a bun in the oven.
Eggs, hen house, seedlings, potted plants Eggs indicate eggs in the ovaries. A hen house indicates the ovaries themselves. Seedlings and potted plants indicate new growth.
Puns on Gynecological,
gate lodge
A gate lodge is a good symbol of the womb. Remember that you are everything in the dream. So a gate lodge is a small lodge in the grounds of a larger house. The larger house indicates yours or mother's body and the gate lodge indicates the womb. You were once a lodger in your mother's body!

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