The Circulatory System

The circulatory system is affected by our female energy and because of this we see dreams often link problems in this area with mother. Mother may not have bonded properly with us at birth and because of this as an infant we feel unloved. A new infant learns how to love from mother. If mother does not give love unconditionally (e.g. white heart presented to dreamer in dream) the dreamer has missed out on a vital lesson which is likely to lead to difficulty with understanding his/her own feelings. The normal reaction is to suppress the negative feelings or lack of love from mother and to rationalize things instead of feeling them. People who operate this way find it difficult to show compassion towards others. They show love in the way they learned. If you live up to my expectations then I'll love you - if you fall short of my standards I'll withdraw my love.

The heart requires emotional flow to stay balanced and healthy. Emotional problems only lead to physical problems if balance is not restored. The flow must be in both directions! People who constantly give of themselves and never receive are as likely to develop physical problems as those who never give.


Green is the color of the heart chakra and is always indicative of the heart, emotions or circulatory system in a dream. Dark green indicates envy or difficulty with sharing. Green with red (color of passion / energy) is always indicative of the circulatory system. Pink represents unconditional love and is also common in dreams about the heart. The presence of pink alone in a dream is sufficient to determine that the dreamer did not bond with mother at birth.


The following symbols indicate the circulatory system for the reasons given.

Activity in open areas
‘open plan’ in house, etc.
Dream is requesting the dreamer to open up emotionally.
Apartment The dreamer has separated himself (is apart) from his emotions.
Banks Always symbolizes the heart. Money represents energy and its circulation is controlled by banks.
Battery The heart that pumps electricity.
Central heating system in house or building This is a perfect symbol for the system of vessels which carry blood around the body.
Clocks - clockwise, clockwork A system of wheels with a tic-tock which is a perfect symbols for the heart (ticker)..
Cycling - or any system of wheels / circles
Numbers 3 or 8
Any system of wheels or circles represents the circulatory system. The number 8 is two circles joined. The number three is half an eight.
Dirty or polluted water -
rivers, canals, the sea
This is indicative of toxins in the blood stream. The dream will show where the toxins come from (usually the colon) and what food items (if any) need to be eliminated from the diet to improve the circulation system.
Engine, oil The engine is the heart of the car. Oil flows through the engine and represents blood flow.
Fire in the hearth Dream is requesting that passion (fire) is put back into the heart. The heart needs passion to stay balanced and healthy.
Grass - weedy or water logged lawn Grass is green and therefore represents the heart. Weedy grass indicates that the blood stream needs to be purified. Usually indicative of a clogged lymph system.
Highways - main ‘arterial’ roads especially if leading to roundabout Arterial roads indicated the arteries. Blood flows through the arteries and then turns around (the roundabout) and flows back to the heart.
Island The dreamer is an island or does not let anyone get close.
Walls The dreamer has built a wall around himself to protect himself from negative feelings.
Pumps - pulling pints, petrol pumps The heart is the only pump in the body. Petrol pumps in particular request the dreamer to put more energy / passion (fuel) into the heart.
Purse See Banks.
Tea pots, kettles (especially jug kettles), references to sharing, give and take, 2 way flow of energy We sit down to share a cup of tea or coffee with a friend and share ourselves with them.

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