Getting Help Interpreting a Dream

Dream interpretation is not an exact science and there are times when the meaning of a symbol or the subject matter of the dream is unclear. At other times the dreamer may not have remembered enough of the dream to be sure of the meaning. There are several ways to get around these problems.

Ask your guides

Focus on the part of the dream (symbol, sentence, etc.) that you want help with. Keeping this clearly in your mind simply ask your guides for help. The answer will come but may come in one of several ways, depending on the connection you have with your guides. For example, you may hear a word or phrase clearly in your mind. Or your attention may be drawn to a particular word or phrase in the dream. Another common communication is that you find yourself thinking about a particular song. Regardless of how you get the communication it will give you a slant on the dream, which you had probably not considered, and this will be enough to get you started.

Always let your guides know when you are finished asking questions and thank them for their help. Do this even if you were unable to establish a connection and regardless of which of the methods described here that you used for communication.


Use a book

A method which is useful if you do not have a strong connection with your guides is to use a book. A book of quotations is most suitable but any book will do. Read the dream and keep in mind the part you are working on. Then pick up the book and flick through its pages and open it on a page at random. Read the first word or sentence your eyes are drawn to. It can be surprising how relevant a phrase you can be guided to in this way. Now go back to the dream and try work the word or phrase you just read in with the interpretation.


Use a pendulum

If you are familiar with the use of a pendulum you can use it to check that you have the correct meaning of a symbol or of the whole dream. Simply ask the pendulum ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

If you are not familiar with the use of a pendulum here is how to do it. If you don’t have a pendulum you can use a pendant or make one by tying a piece of thread, about 6 inches long, to any balanced object (such as a ring). Make sure that the thread is thin enough to allow the pendulum to swing freely.

Next you have to clear your aura. An effective way to do this is in a standing position to rub your third eye in a clockwise motion. Then using both hands slide them from your third eye across the top of your head and to the back of your neck. From there separate your hands and slide them around your neck to your throat. Then remove your hands from your throat and shake them by your sides as if you are shaking drops of water from the ends of your fingers. While you are doing this repeat to yourself, "In the name of love I cleanse my body and my soul."

Repeat the above actions and suggestion until you feel a difference in your body. The most common feeling experienced is shivers or a tingling sensation in the body.

Now you are ready to ask questions. You may sit down at this point but don’t cross you legs or cross the center of your body with either hand. Hold the pendulum still in either hand and say to yourself, "Show me ‘Yes’". You now have to ensure that you do not influence the swing of the pendulum consciously. To do this act as if your life depends on you holding the pendulum completely still. Eventually the pendulum will swing in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. This is ‘positive’ or ‘yes’ for you. Now you can stop the pendulum from swinging and ask questions about the dream or the dreamer. A ‘No’ is indicated by the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction.

Use of the pendulum is restricted to simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers but is quite effective. You become more skilled at using it with practice.

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