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Young Girl

Dreamer's Comment:

A friend of mines little girl has been having recurring nightmares that are making it hard for her to sleep, she is actually scared to sleep because of these dreams. I was wondering if you might be able to help me in finding out what the dreams might mean and how we can help her so that she can sleep. The dreams are really bothering her.


Child eaten by monsters

Dream: Child Eaten by Monsters

The dreams that she has been having are as follows. I'm not to sure about details, but here are three dreams that she has been having.

  1. The first dream she is in her house with her mother, and a dinosaur attacks the house, and doesn't totally destroy it but tears it up pretty good, and then the dinosaur eats her mother and her.

  2. The second one. A bear attacks the house. He doesn't harm anyone, but he tears up the house and things inside.

  3. The third, there is a murderer, and he tears peoples arms off. She is not attacked nor is anyone that she knows, but she witnesses him doing this.



First I want to say that it is perfectly normal for children to dream of monsters and such. The house in the child's dreams indicates her body and the dream is saying that her fears of life as a girl are not resolved yet. This conflict is causing harm to her body (shown by the areas of the house that are damaged - e.g.. kitchen = digestive system, bathroom = colon / kidneys, bedroom = reproductive system, etc.). The harm is not life threatening as shown in the dream so don't worry there. Dreams exaggerate.

The dream also gives a clue as to what will help her overcome her problem. She needs to be hugged (arms in dream) by her mother (woman in dream) and told over and over again that she is loved and about how wonderful it is to be alive and on this planet. Don't tell her to dismiss her dreams because this will cause them to seem stronger to her. Her dreams will automatically diminish when she feels that life here is not threatening.

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