Color Interpretation Example

The following is a good example of how colors can give the meaning of a dream. A friend of mine had this dream after a class he teaches. Try to interpret it yourself before reading the interpretation.

Dream: The Strange Woman

I was sitting on the floor in the living room on a pink carpet. There were a few women in the room but I don’t think they had anything to do with me. I was reading a book about the subject matter of my class. The cover was bright yellow on the top and bottom with a lighter shade of yellow in the middle. There were a few other women sitting in the room.

There was a window in front of me on the right. A woman who was sitting at the window reading stood up and came over to me. She leaned down and read the title of my book and said, "Oh, she’ll let you down." I figured she thought the author was a woman but when I asked her what she meant she said the same thing again. Then I asked her why she was saying that and she said she was just passing on what my guide was telling her. I asked if she could see my guide and she said "Yes. She’s standing right behind you. She’s got a lion with her and you used to be married to the lion in a different place." Then she went back to her seat by the window.

Interpretation using Color 

The subject matter of the dream is indicated by the book and in particular the color of the cover. The two shades of yellow indicate a choice to be made. The dreamer is being asked to use his intuition when teaching rather than relying on purely intellectual methods. The lighter shade of yellow is at the center of the cover. To develop intuition we need to listen to the quiet voice within (or at our center) so this explains the position of that color.

We would reasonably expect the dream to show where the reluctance to use intuition comes from. Staying with the colors we can see the answer to this represented by the pink carpet. Pink represents a need for unconditional love and would represent a poor bond with mother at birth. This is not necessarily the fault of the dreamer’s mother but indicates that circumstances were such that the dreamer did not feel fully accepted by mother. In reality the dreamer was born through caesarean section. His mother, not being fully conscious at the time, could not hold him when he first came into the world. This caused the poor bond.

To move from logic to intuition the dreamer needs to allow himself feel compassion for others and this will increase the strength of his intuition. It is difficult to listen to your heart when all your concentration is in your head. This will allow him overcome fears he has about his intuition letting him down.

So from the colors alone and using just the first paragraph of the dream we have discovered its message. We could also interpret the dream without relying on the colors but the simplicity colors bring to dream interpretation is worth the effort of getting to know their meanings. Naturally enough everything else in the dream can be explained. So lets interpret the rest of the dream.

Interpretation Continued

We are given several clues that the woman who talks to the dreamer is a guide. The first is her location. She is to the front right of the dreamer. This is the most common position a guide will adopt in a dream. The second is also location! She is at a higher level than the dreamer. He is sitting on the floor and she is sitting on a chair. She is also sitting by the window (the source of light in the room). Lastly, she speaks with authority and even repeats her statement when the dreamer questions her.

We can see that the guide is looking at the book. A book represents a source of knowledge. So the dreamer has at his disposal (in his hands in the dream) a source of knowledge about the subject matter of the book. But what does the statement, "She will let you down", mean? This has double significance. It refers to the fact that the dreamer felt let down at birth by his mother. This agrees with our color interpretation. She also refers to the dreamer’s female side (i.e. Intuition - refer to the article The Roles Characters Play in Dreams). His fear of relying on his intuition is being pointed out to him. We can draw the connection that this fear stems from the circumstances of his birth. So the guide is pointing out the dreamer’s fear and where it comes from. But why is the guide telling the dreamer this? Quite simply the dreamer is being asked to deal with the negative conditioning he picked up at birth. An effective therapy in this case would be to Cut the Ties with mother. Click here for a description of this therapy. This will then give the dreamer the strength to draw on his intuition.

Again at this stage we have gained enough from the dream to stop there but for the sake of completeness let’s continue on with the last part of the dream.

Here we can see a beautiful play in operation. The dreamer is slow in accepting the authority of the woman so other characters are brought into the dream to help the dreamer accept what she is saying. The woman now says that she is channeling the message from a guide. This gives the message full importance in the eyes of the dreamer. Once the dreamer attention is caught the woman continues with advice. A lion is a symbol of strength and being married to the lion represents being in harmony with this source of strength. The dreamer is being reminded that he was in touch with this inner strength in a previous incarnation.

Another important point is that the woman is now demonstrating an ability the dreamer has. Remember that guides show by example the gifts you have. Since the woman is now saying that she is channeling a message from a guide this means that the dreamer has the same ability. This is pointed out because it is of practical use to the dreamer with his work.

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