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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Orcas are dolphins and dolphins symbolize channeling in a dream. A channel is someone who can communicate directly with spirits and Angels. Dolphins and whales mean this because they are mammals that live in the ocean. In dreams the ocean represents spirituality, so here we have an air breathing mammal that has adapted enough to travel into the spirit world. The type of dolphin or whale involved is not important, although orcas are killer whales. In this context, the killer portion of the name shows the fear the dreamer has with regard to talking with the dead. Also their strong black and white color indicates a difficulty the dreamer has with regard to accepting spiritual communication. In essence they must overcome their black and white attitude that tells them things are either good or evil. When you have this attitude it is difficult to open your mind to something new. This could be due to religious doctrine.


An organ (musical instrument) means you are a channel. You can communicate with spirits. The fact they are usually associated with churches reinforces the meaning.


An orgy in a dream asks you to get in touch with your male / female side and be uninhibited about expressing yours feelings in public. See Sex.

Out of order

To dream of something out of order is usually about your physical body and something not functioning correctly within it. The focus is the subject matter of the dream. For example, a toilet out of order would indicate problems with your elimination system.


Ovens usually indicate your reproductive system. The expression to have a bun in the oven is synonymous with being pregnant.

On occasion, an oven can also symbolize your stomach as both are places we put food.

Overcrowded Room

An overcrowded room signifies difficulty with breathing as it is hard to breathe in such locations.

Overflow drain pipe

An overflow drain pipe connected to a heating or water system is about the immune system. Here the drain pipe kicks in when required to relieve pressure from the main system. This is how the immune system works. Always alert to prevent a problem.


An owl signifies inner wisdom and that you have a counseling ability.

Like other birds an owl can also signify an ideal (something to look up to).

Owl can also be a pun on old.

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