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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Dreams of a baby or babies can be triggered when you are trying to have one. The dream can also be about influences you picked up as a baby.

To dream of a baby or babies, particularly when given one or asked to mind one, means there is something in your life for which you have responsibility. Just as a baby needs nurturing and care, you are obliged to do what it takes to look after or develop whatever it is. Once the attention is given the outcome is always positive.

To dream of you or someone else giving birth means a new aspect of yourself is about to be born. As above, it is your responsibility to develop this side of yourself. This is always a positive dream, as to allow a new aspect of yourself to flourish you must let go of whatever kept it suppressed. This dream usually comes after doing some developmental work on yourself.

To dream of someone nursing a baby or doing so yourself, asks you to provide the correct nurturing environment to develop a new aspect of yourself.

A baby with a special ability means that you have a sixth sense in line with what the baby is portraying in the dream. For example, if a newborn baby can talk it means you have a special communication ability – you are intuitive / psychic and you are being encouraged to do something to develop and use it.

A stillborn baby means that you are not doing what is needed to nurture a new and positive aspect of yourself. Don’t be disheartened by this dream but take it as a strong message that you need to make more of an effort.


Your back is most commonly about your past as like your past it is always behind you.

Washing your back whether deliberately or inadvertently is about the need to cleanse some baggage you are carrying from the past. For example, a window cleaner spilling soapy water on your back is a request to cleanse issues from the past.

Looking over your back or looking out a back window means that you are focused on the past. Something in your past has you looking back at it all the time. You may not be consciously aware of it but whatever you are doing today is controlled by something from the past.

If someone has their back to you it means the person they symbolize in the dream turned their back on you. At least that’s your view of it, but when it comes to your life you can only see it from your point of view. If the person in the dream is a woman, this is most likely going to be your mother. If the person in the dream is a man this is most likely going to be your father.

Back Door

A back door indicates your rectum - the back door to your body. Houses, buildings and cars represent your body in dreams and various parts of the house represent various other parts of your body.

Back Garden

The back garden whether it is your childhood house or not is often about the past. However, in dreams about your health the back garden is also about your colon or elimination system. For example, to dream of soggy newspapers in the back garden indicates mold is growing in your colon – often indicative of candida albicans.

A back garden path is always about your colon or elimination system. If it is a cement path the dream is saying that food is caked onto the walls of your colon and you need to do something to eliminate it.

Back hoe

A back hoe symbolizes your digestive system. This is because these vehicles are associated with working with dirt or dirt tracks.

Back Passage

A back passage is about your colon or elimination system.

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