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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A lake indicates that you have a deep spiritual reservoir for which you need to find an outlet. Water represents spirituality, and lakes develop where water flow is restricted. Spirituality is expression of your soul and in dreams is not connected with religion. Other symbols in the dream will tell you what spiritual aspect is being focused on. You are being asked to create an outlet for this in your life.

A polluted lake is about pollutants in your blood stream. You need to discover what substance is triggering these dreams and cut it down or cut it out.

Diving into a lake asks you to get into life.


A lamb indicates a timid nature with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


A lamp indicates that you are psychic. You have the ability to shine light into aspects of yours and other people’s lives. Being psychic is the same as being intuitive.


A landing is a location you walk briefly through to get to where you are going. In dreams it symbolizes transition – you are not yet where you need to be.


Being late in a dream is a reminder that you are on the karmic path and have not developed yourself to the degree you agreed and had planned before being born. For example, have you developed your spiritual abilities or created an outlet for them in your life?


A lawn symbolizes your blood and circulatory system. The connection is through the green color of the grass, as green is the color of your heart chakra.

A weedy or water logged lawn indicates problems with your lymph system when it comes to draining your bloodstream.


Lawyers give counsel in the legal profession and in dreams symbolize you have a counseling ability which you can use to help others.


To dream of a leader means you are a leader / spiritual teacher. Spiritual leader’s openly share what they know in order to empower others to deal with their own problems. If the leader in your dream is working with groups, it means you are to use your gift with groups.


Water leaking from the ceiling of a house or building is indicative of your body being dehydrated. This is common particularly if you were drinking alcohol the night before.

An oil leak is a warning of anemia. Anemia is a shortage or red blood cells in the body.

Steam leaking from a valve or steam pipe is a warning to take care of your high blood pressure.


Left in dreams can symbolize your female side, emotions or the past. For example, if an angry woman is standing to your left you are asked to let go of the negative effects of your mother’s anger – leave it in the past (left).

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