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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Hailstones, due to their milky color, represent a milk or dairy produce allergy.


Hair comes from our heads so in dreams can symbolize thoughts or how you think with regards to the subject matter of the dream.

Having your hair done or a haircut is a request to change how you think with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Hair tied up or in a bun means your way of thinking is restricted. The restriction can be due to conditioning or it can simply be your refusal to look at things with an open mind.

Hair loss can indicate a refusal to think about something. Being bald in a dream indicates the same thing. Hair loss is also a symptom of an under active thyroid so can also indicate that.

Blonde hair indicates a guide. Whatever they say in the dream is infallible. However, if the hair is dyed blonde it indicates a sham – either you or someone in your life is pretending to be pure of thought.

Hair on fire is a threat of stroke. Look for other symbols in the dream to do with expression of feelings.


A hairdresser is a request to change the way you think with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


A hall, being a location you walk through to get to where you are going, indicates transition.


The front door of a house represents your vagina – the front door to the body by which someone can exit. The hallway, being just behind the front door, represents the womb. For example, being chased down a hallway by a woman with a scissors indicates your mother considered abortion while pregnant with you.


A handbag indicates responsibility. When you take it with you, attention is given to holding it, keeping an eye on it or knowing where it is at all times.


To dream of hands indicates you have a hands-on healing ability. With this healing you channel energy through your hands into your client.

A skeleton hand in a dream it means you need to breathe life into your healing ability. You are literally letting it die.

Hanging Basket

A hanging basket indicates your uterus (see potted plant). This is particularly the case if the hanging baskets are outside the front door of a house. In this context, rusty baskets indicate a health warning and the need for a cervical check-up with your doctor.


A harbor symbolizes your birth as this is where ships berth, with berth being a pun on birth. Dreams about birth will invariably show your spiritual abilities as you have these from day one.

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