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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Actor / Actress

A movie actor or actress indicates that you are a channel / medium The words a movie star says in a movie are given to them. In a similar way the words a channel passes on are also given to them.

A TV actor or actress indicates that you are clairvoyant. You have clear vision as symbolized by the television which is used to view them.


If you are having an affair in a dream, you are being asked to get intimately in touch with your male side if you are having an affair with a man, or your female side if the affair is with a woman. Having an affair with a person of the same gender means the same thing. We all have male and female aspects to ourselves which have their own unique traits. For example, compassion, listening, leadership and your philosophy of life work through your female energy. Confidence, belief in yourself, feeling worthy of the space you occupy, career, ambition, sex drive and spiritual healing work through your male energy. The dream may be triggered due to an imbalance which is affecting your ability to develop or move forward in an aspect of your life.

To dream of your partner having an affair is not a prediction or confirmation. It merely means that your dream is trying to get you to work through your feelings for your partner. It can be triggered if you had or considered an affair in this or a previous relationship?


Africa, being the origin of the human species, is about getting to the root of an issue. This meaning does not hold if you are from Africa.


See Anger.

Air bag

Air bags symbolize your lungs.

Air blower

An air blower symbolizes your lungs.

Air Pump

Heart, circulatory system, emotions. See Pumps.

Air vent

An air vent symbolizes your respiratory system and is common in dreams of asthmatics.

If smoke is getting into the air vent the dream is asking you to cut out smoking or remove yourself from smoking environments.


Airplanes being lofty, can indicate being up in your head or too logical with regard to how you go through life or with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Come down out of your head and let your heart have a say in decisions too.

An airplane arrival or landing signifies your birth - your arrival onto the planet.

An airplane crash signifies a difficult birth - one that was either emotionally traumatic or life threatening.

An airplane departure signifies the beginning of a new project or phase of your life. Often these dreams show what is holding you back from the new project. For example, to dream of your partner forgetting your passports for the flight signifies there are problems in your relationship and you are blaming these for not taking the jump.

A fighter plane indicates you are an angry person – ready with a verbal arsenal to win arguments and defend your space. The dream will likely say how this came about and will be encouraging you to soften up.

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