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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A cage symbolizes your heart and emotions. Specifically it means that you suppress your feelings. You keep your heart in a cage so that others cannot get close to you. The logic behind the action is that if people cannot get close they cannot hurt your feelings. Over time you can become so good at suppressing your feelings that you do not even acknowledge them to yourself. For example, a dream where a woman reluctantly releases you from a cage means that you are reluctant to open up or share your feelings with others.


Being a device for reproducing images a camera indicates your reproductive system.


Canada indicates expansion of consciousness through dharma or compassion. This is often referred to as living in a state of grace and is how Jesus and other spiritual leaders propose we live. On this path you choose what you know will be spiritually beneficial to you and not necessarily what is logical. This meaning does not hold if you are from Canada.


Candles indicate you have an intuitive / psychic ability. With your inner light (candle) you can see where others can not.


A car, being a physical structure, often represents your body. In dreams where it does represent the body there is often emphasis on a particular part of the car or type of car.

Car can be a pun on Karma and indicates that you are on a karmic path. The dream will show you what is holding you on this path and what you need to do to move past it.

A car battery represents your heart or circulatory system since a battery is an electron pump. The heart is your body’s pump.

A dead battery or battery trouble means you are not doing what is required to keep your heart engaged and healthy. We easily accept that our heart needs the right diet and exercise, but forget that our heart also needs emotional expression for optimum health.

A car choke is a pun on choking or suppressing the expression of feelings from your heart. You need to be more honest with your feelings.

The car engine represents your heart as the engine is the heart of the car. Trouble with the engine is a health warning to do with the heart and circulatory system.

A bonnet or hood being the access to the engine is also about your heart. An open bonnet is a request to open up to your feelings or open your heart.  Having the bonnet open in the rain is a healing symbol as this indicates letting life into your heart. The dream is asking you to do this in waking life.

Oil is to the engine as blood is to the heart and so indicates blood in a dream. The most common symbol with oil in dreams is the engine leaking oil. This represents anemia as anemia is a loss of red blood cells. Note that oil in an oil well or oil tanker has a different meaning and indicates you are a spiritual healer.

The car roof is about the brain or mind. An open top car is asking you to open your mind to something new in your life. If you have recently ‘made up your mind’ about something you are being asked to think again. If something has come your way and you are dismissing it, you are being asked to reconsider. The rain coming into an open top car is asking you to open your mind to letting life in. This is true even if in the dream the rain gets in because the roof won’t close. This is saying, “Don’t close your mind.”

The wing mirror represents your reproductive system as a mirror reproduces images. It is unlikely to only have one symbol indicating the reproductive system so you may find the car is a Morris Minor or other car that is no longer in production. The symbolism in that is that such cars are no longer being reproduced which is again pointing to a reproduction system – yours. Another pun in the Morris Minor name is the word minor which means child which yet again points to your reproduction system. A mirror on a Fiat Bambino would also be the same as Bambino means child in Italian. Lastly a rear view mirror also means your reproductive system because of the mirror and the pun on rear or rearing. You are being asked to look at (view) something in the past that is causing you to have issues with having or raising children. The issue itself can be any number of things and is likely to be given by other symbols in the same dream.

Headlights would indicate the eyes as they allow you to see. However, they also indicate an intuitive ability as they allow you to see in the dark. So while others can’t really figure out what is going on, your intuition kicks in and you appear to get direction out of nowhere.

The trunk represents two things. Firstly it can indicate your stomach / digestive system as the trunk is so commonly used to hold grocery items. Your stomach is the first place your body holds food when you put it into your body.

The trunk can also indicate the womb for this reason. Viewing the car as symbolizing the body, the trunk is a small place within the car, with no windows and which is used to transport smaller items. The womb is a small place with no windows which is used to bring smaller bodies onto the planet. In these dreams it is also common to find yourself driving the car out of an underground car park into the daylight. This dream can be about your own birth.

The windshield protects you from the weather, in particular the rain, and so in dreams it indicates protecting yourself from life. The dream is asking you to get more into life. Don’t just wait for things to come to your door. Do something to bring the fun back into your life.

Dreams with car brakes normally have to do with the brake not working efficiently. This usually means that you are doing something that is blocking the achievement of your goals. You are either doing something counter productive or your fears are slowing you down from getting to where you need to be.

Car tires represent your circulatory system as due to the tires being circular and the fact that they need to be pumped, they are analogous to the heart being a pump. The tires being flat would mean there is little emotional expression in your life. You are just plodding along with no real passion on a daily basis.

Tire lug nuts indicate the immune system. The lug nuts keep the tires safe on the car. Since tires represent the circulatory system, the lug nuts represent what keeps the circulatory system healthy and that represents the immune system.

The steering wheel represents two things. Firstly the circulatory system due to the wheel’s circular nature and secondly, it is a reminder that you have the ability to control the direction of your life. If you are having problems driving, when the steering is fully locked while driving around corners, it indicates your alcohol consumption is inhibiting the direction in which your life is going. The pun here is locked referring to being drunk.

Driving a car is about striving towards your goals as we use cars to take us from where we are to where we need to be. Symbolically this indicates moving towards our goals. A goal can be an obvious target like getting a qualification or a specific job. It can also be something less tangible like wanting to be a more attentive parent. See Driving for more.

A powerful car indicates you are a spiritual healer. You have great power running through your body (car).

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